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About REX Environment Science Pvt. Ltd.

REX Environment Science has been in the business of controlling pests for more than 32 years. We have controlled termites in thousands of homes & buildings in Ahmedabad and at other places of Gujarat and besides doing pest control treatment for homes, we have also served all kinds of premises such as hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals.

Even our field force is also educated and quality conscious. They are trained in Government Institutes and also in our Company. We use the latest (third generation) insecticides, to which the pests have not become immune.

REX offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products & Equipment through the company’s wide network and dedicated workforce of the company.


Our Mission

To provide cutting edge pest control solutions that efficiently conquer against pest infestation abreast ensures safety of your family, pets and the environment.


Our Vision

To continually invent least toxic solutions against all types of pests, those are equally effective and budget friendly.


Our Quality

We are accredited as a fully licensed and insured Pest Control Company, as our pest control treatments meet all the safety regulation of the society.

Over the years, REX has constantly endeavoured to introduce better and more cost-effective pest management technology for both services and products. Vision and foresight coupled with the desire to constantly improve has enabled us to retain our premier status in the Gujarat region today. With over 32 years of experience, we reaffirm our commitment: that of providing comprehensive, one-stop solutions in our field of expertise.

We are fully equipped with modern appliances and capable of rendering this service under direct supervision of our competent technical personnel.

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