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We value you, we value environment and therefore come with the integrated pest management also prominent with the abbreviation IPM. The IPM (integrated pest management) is more about the preventing pests employing non toxic methodologies like biological, structural or cultural and decreasing the use of the toxic products. The purpose behind the introduction of the IPM is trimming down the use of the chemical pesticides those are harmful to the human and the environment and adopt non toxic or least toxic product to conquer against the provoking pests that is win-win situation for both, you and the environment.

Integrated Pest Management Services in Ahmedabad

While pollution has reached the upper edge of the menace, it is essential to adopt an integrated pest management to fight against the pests and to empower the venture, Rex Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. comes with an assorted range of the IPM (integrated pest management) methodologies that is effective against different types of pests and non toxic too. Our every IPM methodologies are a result of thorough research and development those promise to deliver outstanding results against invading of pests, whilst also maintain the ecosystem to the farthest. Every pest infestation requires a different approach to fight against the pest by means of the IPM, and our elongated experience in the allied segment promotes us to know the type of pest, life cycle, like, dislike and accordingly employ least toxic methods against. The behavior of the pests is monitored following the treatment in order to determine the effectiveness of the applied strategy. We continue with the same strategy if is effective against thereof or change the strategy if found ineffective. This continues until we get the effective solution against respective pest.

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Benefits of the Integrated Pest Management :

  • Non toxic or least toxic approach against pests
  • Non harmful to the human and the environment too
  • Sustainable bio based alternative that is effective too
  • Decreases the level of the air pollution and water pollution
  • Reduces the use of the pesticides and hence the problem of pesticide residue
  • Long term solution against any type of pest
  • Cost effective way to deal with the annoying pests

Note : Customized integrated pest management (IPC) is available upon customer request.

We work at a time that is convenient for your home or business, regardless of the day and night, avail our service today and enjoy the enormous benefits of the same.

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