Larvicides Treatment for Mosquitoes Control

In this type of mosquito management rather than targeting the mosquitoes, we directly target the immature stage of the mosquitoes, which is also recognized as the mosquito larvae in order to slash the number of adult mosquitoes efficaciously. This larvicide treatment is an elite approach where infest of the mosquitoes is by far and requires abrupt controlling of the adult mosquitoes. With the substantial experience in the mosquito management, we have developed different types of the mosquito management / mosquitoes control programs by incorporating a variety of the microbial insecticides, insect growth regulators, and larvicidal films and oils those ensure successful controlling of the mosquitoes at the larval stage only.

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Generally, these insecticides are in the form of the liquid and hence we use the sprayer to apply on the affected area, whereas powder or granular form insecticides are applied with the help of the mosquito controller. Both types of larvicide aimed to prevent the growth of the larval and exterminate before they mature into adult mosquitoes. The larvicide used in the mosquito management / mosquitoes control is non poisonous and hence is completely safe for kids and pregnant women, if come across.

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