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Invade of cockroaches have become a nightmare in the urban areas (roughly 75%-98%), whose eradication is not possible with the so called home remedies and immature cockroaches control strategies. what they require is professionals who can strategically smash cockroaches and give permanent relief to you. If you are also looking for the lifelong relief from the cockroaches and their health associated risks, Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. is the right companion for you, holding 30+ years of experience and baking of cutting edge technologies and hence promises complete eradication of the cockroaches.

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Why Cockroaches Are Harmful To Us?

Cockroaches feed on garbage and breed in sewage, which apparently carry different types of disease with them and therefore are not at all welcoming pest at your premise. These cockroaches come from the drainage area at your premise in search of the food, they eat food and leave their saliva, waste, shed skin and dead parts on thereof, and thusly contaminate the food, and consumption of such a food can cause food poisoning, diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid, gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases. Further, cockroaches produce intolerable odour and a protein that has potential to cause allergic reactions, respiratory associated health problems in human, whose common findings includes, asthma, eczema and allergies. That means the existence of cockroaches can be fatal for anyone, be it children, youngster or guardian and to save your family, their elimination through cockroaches control service is imperative.

Why Professionals Are Required To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Similar to other pests, cockroaches multiply rapidly, and especially the Indian weather conditions are more suitable for them to breed rapidly. That means the level of cockroaches infestation increases expeditiously in India and thereby effective and efficient measures against thereof decides how successfully you will deal with. Other than, the cockroaches have developed a strong barrier against several types of insecticide that has made the infestation more serious and therefore it is also essential to use the insecticides those are formidable against them, which is only possible by the professional cockroaches control service provider.

How to Identify Cockroach Infestation?

The best time to ensure whether your premise is under infestation of cockroaches or not is a night time as they reside in cracks, cervices and drainage system of the asset, and come out at a night time in quest of the food. So if you really want to catch cockroaches, follow the below mentioned tips.

The very first and easy indication of the cockroaches is, cockroaches itself, a red or brown color insect visible at the drainage of bathroom, basin, kitchen sink, washing area is an obvious sign of cockroach infestation.

The cockroaches tend to produce unpleasant odour, so if you smell such an unbearable smell around your kitchen or other part of your home, the chances of cockroaches are high enough.

The small dark brown shaped casing or the black coarse dropping around food, kitchen cabinets, walls and habitat exhibits existence of the cockroaches.

The red or brown colored shred skin or body parts around the premises or in water is very common sign of the cockroaches, as they tend to discard skin 6-8 times throughout their life.

The scattered food, half eaten food, damaged food packaging also signals infestation of cockroaches.

The cockroaches leave very clear sign of their existence, even though unsure about thereof, we pest control service provider is here to help you out. We come to your premise and thoroughly inspect every potential area to ensure you about the infestation.

How to get rid of cockroaches in India?

Followed by thorough research and development, we have developed an in house integrated cockroaches control program to regulate the infestation of the cockroaches. In this technique, we have developed an influential formulation of the phenyl pyrazole in the form of a gel that is injected at noticeable locations with the help of syringe hence there is no need to empty your kitchen, cabinets or other susceptible parts, unlikely to the spray insecticides technique that causes a mishmash in the house. The gel used in the cockroaches control service has proven its competency by efficiently killing cockroaches in the shortest possible time without a mess. Further, the gel has no smell and can be applied to any area without a risk of hazard, be it kitchen appliances or electronic appliances, unlikely to that of spray.

How Does Gel Work Against Cockroaches?

The phenyl pyrazole based gel also holds edible product that attracts cockroaches towards to eat. Because of the cascading effect of the gel, cockroaches those have eaten gel contaminate other cockroaches, which continue to infinity. We have been providing cockroaches control service for many years and have determined that the 80% cockroaches die within a one week, whilst remaining are controlled within the three weeks maximum.

Note : Customized cockroaches control service is available upon customer request.

We work at a time that is convenient for your, regardless of the day and night, avail our service today and enjoy the enormous benefits of the same.

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