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Wood furniture is being a common part of the Indian home and business, however, with this; wood borer is also being a common part of thereof whose food is the wood. This wood borer eats the wood from inside that ultimately reduces the strength of the respective wood product to the edge that makes it completely useless. Do you think your home/business is attacked by this wood borer, don’t worry; we are here to make your premises free of wood borer, avail our wood borer control service today, available all across Gujarat.

Why Wood Borer Is Harmful ?

Wood borer also reckoned as a wood boring beetle, is the second most dangerous insect followed by the termites, whose existence is unknown until infestation reaches to the uppermost edge in the wood furniture, no matter it’s a hardwood or softwood, and therefore good borer or bad borer, whatever type it is, you need to take prompt action against them, if a pile of sawdust at your home or business is visible, otherwise it will cost you far more than the cost of the wood borer control treatment. We are here to save your home/business from the wood borer by taking serious measures against thereof before your valuable wood based structure or furniture turns into a destructive piece. Be it wooden furniture, art objects, paneling, pallets, crates, picture frames, or anything made of the wood, we are proficient to deliver a permanent solution against wood borer infestation.

What Exactly Wood Borer is?

The wood borer is light brown to black colored, small (2 to 7mm size) sized insect that resides in the wood structure, among the adult wood borer lays eggs in the cracks and crevices of the wood. The larvae coming out of this egg is a foremost culprit of the wood that bores the wood to get high content of the starch, unlikely to the termites that attack wood for cellulose. The larvae consume the wood for the starch, whilst discharge the undigested part of the cellulose behind, that you can find in the form of the sawdust.

These larvae make small sized hole on the wood surface to come out, only once they turn into the pupa, miserably the duration between the larvae and the adult wood borer is about 3-4 years, which is more than enough to poorly damage the piece of the wood product. Hence, rather than identifying the wood borer, it is wise to identify larvae and wood borer infestation at your home/business to secure wood products.

How to Identify the Wood Borer Infestation?

If you find any small sized, white colored and curved insect near your wood product, the possibilities are higher to have invaded of the wood borer.

Wood borer tends to discharge the undigested cellulose in the form of the saw dust / frass, the visibility of such and discharge on the floor signals the existence of the wood borer.

The notable cavity in the floorboards is also a good indication of the wood borer habitation, or also a crumbled wood at the edge/ corner of the floorboard is very common sign of the wood borer attack.

A small, black sized insect in a dead state near the window, door, furniture or any other infested wood can be a wood borer.

The small round or oval shaped holes on the surface of wood is guaranteed symptom of the wood borer infestation and the last and toughest one is to have tunnels inside the wood

Are you floundering in identifying a wood borer infestation, don’t worry, we are experienced and hence know wood borer and its infestation profoundly. Contact us today to ensure invade of wood borer.

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How We Help You to Get Rid Of The Wood Borer ?

To permanently get rid of the wood borer, it is essential to thoroughly clean the wood products those are infested by a wood borer and therefore we firstly inspect all wood based products and determine the area of the infestation. Thereafter, the oil based chemicals are injected inside the holes created by the wood borer with the help of the chemical injections, whereas on the other wooden products, oil based chemicals are sprayed to prevent the entry of the wood borer.

The chemical used in wood borer control treatment is tested and proven to be effective against the wood borer, which are also less toxic, human friendly and environmentally friendly, however, it is recommended to not use treated wooden products for roughly 4-5 hours before treatment. The success of our wood borer control treatment is apparent from the 500+ satisfied customers all across Gujarat to whom we have served during the 30+ years of journey.

Note : Customized wood borer control service is available upon customer request.

We work at a time that is convenient for your home or business, regardless of the day and night, avail our service today and enjoy the enormous benefits of the same.

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