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Fogging Treatment for Mosquitoes Control

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The fogging treatment is purposed to kill the adult mosquitoes, those are alleged for spreading the diseases, is one of the highly acclaimed mosquito management treatments to eradicate that of deleterious mosquitoes and ensures completely safe environment around you and your family. In this treatment, the considerable amount of fog is created by blasting the synthetic pyrethroid (odorless) insecticide and water in the form of tiny droplets. This fogging treatment for mosquitoes control is safe for human as well as environment, as we use a minimal amount of the insecticide in the fogging that has notable impact on the small sized insects only, for a while mosquitoes.

We are enriched with the experience and hence know the right amount of insecticide required to destroy the mosquitoes abreast keep it safe for the people, our enormous fogging projects is the testimony of the same. Due to the odorless nature of the insecticide used in the treatment, is ideal to treat water tanks, water source, drums, buckets, water storage containers, yards, streets and anything that is laden with mosquitoes. Further, the effect of fogging treatment for mosquitoes control lasts for roughly two weeks and hence is also popular for eradicating mosquitoes from commercial or residential environment ahead of any occasions, be it a party, concert, wedding, seminar, etc.

Note : Customized mosquito management is available upon customer request.

We work at a time that is convenient for your home or business, regardless of the day and night, avail our service today and enjoy the enormous benefits of the same.

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