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Pre Construction Termite Control Service

Subterranean termite control /ground-nesting control / white ant control

India’s number one termite control service provider brings forth a latest technology based termite treatment by means of the chemical barrier technology and the chemical we use is 100% safe to human and environment, accredited by the CIB (central insecticide board) for its non toxic and safety quotient. Avail our 100% guaranteed termite pest control service at the best rates that is guaranteed for the longer effective edge.

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What Exactly Termite Is?

The termite is known as the silent invader whose presence is hard to determine for years and therefore is one of the dangerous insects having the potential to cause tremendous destruction of valuable assets of your home that you come to know while the damage reaches to a serious extent that consequences loss of assets or huge spending on repairing. This termite eats everything made of cellulose, and therefore it’s not just furniture, door, windows at the risk, the paper, money, drywall, cardboard, books, trees, plant roots or anything that is made of the cellulose is at risk while termites are at your home. Thereby regular inspection of the home by the professional termite control is paramount rather spend extravagant amounts on the repairing.

So if you have any indication that your home is at the risk of termite or skeptical about termites, it’s better to contact the professional termite control service provider in your city before your home turns into a habitat of termites. Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. is a buyer certified professional with 35+ years of experience in the termite pest control, providing effective termite control solutions (chemical barrier treatment) all across Ahmedabad and Gujarat at the best rates.

Rex Chemical Termite Barrier Treatment:

What Is Chemical Termite Barrier?

Chemical termite barrier is a process of developing a preventing shield against termite by injecting Termiticide (liquid chemical) under the flooring or into the soil surrounding the premise (home/business/school building/ college/apartment/ hospital/commercials). The entire termite control service is carried out by our qualified technician with the utmost care of your premise, time and your requirements. They are trained and experienced and thereby promise to create an absolutely effective shield of the termiticide to prevent invade of the termites.

Why Chemical Termite Barrier Is The Best?

The chemical termiticide is non repellent to the termite and thereby while termites come across the termiticide area the chemical adhere and passed to other termites and thusly broaden to the whole colony. The termiticide contacted termites deterred and killed within a certain period of time and hence effectively conquer the termite infestation. Furthermore, this chemical termite barrier technology is an effective for pre construction termite control as well as post construction termite control.

That means our chemical barrier technology for termite control is a versatile alternative for the pre construction as well as post construction, unlikely to that of the termite barriers which can be used during construction only, and hence is overwhelmed in the homes and businesses for its effectiveness against infested area.

How Our Team Works Against Termite Control At Your Premises

Whatsoever your requirement is, our termite control strategy embraces three substantial steps, including inspection, identification and sanitation, our professional team of the termite pest control comes to your place at the time, which is convenient for you and instigates the operation. Our team enacts inspection of all accessible areas by means of the infrared detection technology in order to identify the exact address of the termites, if any, the chemical termite barrier is injected into the respective area through drill fill seal technique that promotes profound perforation of the chemicals to the level of infestation and hence effectively kills the termites inside. The chemical used in the termite control service is qualified to kill termites all year long and therefore promises to protect your assets for a longer period of time and maintain complete termite free surroundings for a better life.

Different Types Of Termite Control Treatment We Provide Includes

  • Wall and Floor Treatment
  • Wooden Fixtures Treatment
  • Termite Tubes Treatment
  • External Perimeter Treatment

Available Alternatives for Your Termite Control Needs

To us, customer convenience is the utmost priority and hence we provide different packages in order to meet their budget constraints and also provide customized packages to meet their requirements at the farthest. Our different packages available for termite control service enclose:

  • One Time Termite Control Service
  • Regular Termite Control Service
  • Monthly Termite Control Service
  • Quarterly Termite Control Service
  • Bimonthly Termite Control Service
  • Annual Termite Control Service

How to identify termite infestation? Is your home, business or garden is attached by termites, check out here.

However, the termite is known as a silent invader, you can see them after a certain level of infestation that you can identify by considering below given tips.

How to identify termite infestation? Is your home, business or garden is attached by termites, check out here.

However, the termite is known as a silent invader, you can see them after a certain level of infestation that you can identify by considering below given tips.

Termite Damages

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