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Invade of the pests on the stored goods is widespread and prevention of thereof is obligatory to secure an extravagant loss caused by the deterioration driven by pests (beetles, mites, moths, weevils, etc.) and for the deterrence of the pests nothing is better than the fumigation, wherein the gaseous pesticide (fumigant) is filled in the respective area to smother or destroy the pests within. However, the right amount of the fumigants with respect to the size/area and level of infestation decides the effectiveness of the fumigation service and is what we enact ahead of performing fumigation that promises to terminate eggs, larvae, pupa along with adult and therefore ensures complete sanitation.

Fumigation Services in Ahmedabad

The gases (Phosphine or Methyl bromide) used in the fumigation treatment are poisonous thereby cautious usage of thereof under the watch of the professional is advisable in order to prevent hazardous. We are very experienced in this segment and carry out every fumigation task with the farthest care and in accordance to the ISPM15 standard regulation, developed by IPPC (international plant protection convention), wherein we make a selection of the fumigants based upon the type of commodity to deliver the best possible result. Our fumigation service is available for the ranging of import/export requirements, including commodities, logs, misc, pallets, fruits, food grains, oilseeds, tobacco, vegetables, dry fruits, warehouse, containers (empty/full), etc.

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