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The rodent has never become a good to human or environment, apparent from the past reports that exhibit 10 million+ people have died all across just because of the rodent borne diseases, the reason is rodent carry up 40+ different pathogens with them which are truly dangerous to human health. Therefore, it is good to see the rodent (rat/mice) as a cartoon character on TV, but not actually in your home, restaurants, hotels, industry or other premise. So never overlook the presence of the rodent, rather take preventive steps against thereof for the betterment of your family, and to empower your venture against rodent, Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. presents effective rodent control service at the best rates. Our rodent control service is available for home, business, commercial, industries, factories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and all other premises that are highly infested with the rodents.

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How Rodent (Rat/Mice) Can Be Harmful For You?

Rodent comes to your place in search of the food and unknowingly carries pathogens causing Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv), salmonella, rat bite fever and so alleged plague. The transmission of such viruses occurs through infested rodent waste (saliva, urine, feces, etc.), bites from infected rodent (rat/mice), skin to skin contact or through ticks or fleas and but obvious contaminated food from rodents. Surprisingly, a single rodent equals 25000+ droppings that embrace large amount of allergens, which may result allergic to humans, if come across. The population of this rodent is towering new level in India and hence the threat of diseases is increasing too.

Other than human health, the rodents are infamous for their tendency to chew anything surrounding, and the reason behind that is the rodent’s teeth continue to grow across their life. This tendency of the rodents is not likely to the home or business as it damages plastic pipes and electric wires and leads some serious hazards, and hence rodent control service is a must.

How to Identify Rodent at Your Premise?

Likely to other pests, rodents usually hide during day time and come out at the night time and therefore night time is the best to catch them. However, there are several other indications those can be helpful to you, are as follows:

The nest of the rodent is a strong evident of the rodent, their nest basically consists of the fabric and paper type of material.

The easy to detect signs of the rodent is dark, tapered droppings around your valuables.

The rodents are likely to produce a specific type of odour that smells like ammonia, such an aroma around your premise indicates the presence of rats or mice.

The chewing nature of the rodent leaves many things chewed, and findings of things with biting marks signals the possibility of the rodents.

The holes in gardens or bare ground are common while rodents are at your premise, and finding of such holes can increase possibility of rodents’ presence.

The smears on the walls or the surface is a sign of the rodent, is developed by the dirty or greasy fur of the rodents.

Why Professionals Are Required to Get Rid of Rodents?

To get absolute relief from the rodent, you firstly need to seal all the holes around your premises those are larger than 1cm in diameter, and next is to eradicate the existing rodents by approaching the effective rodent control service. The ultrasonic repellent used for the rodent control has proven ineffective and as rodents are acclimatized to the ultrasonic sound after a few days of its introduction, whereas use of poison bait at home is not advisable, as rodents that contact with, dies in the hidden places and release a stinking smell that even increases the infestation by attracting flies and other insects. On the other side, professional approach against the rodents help you wipe out the infestation of the rodents from the roots and also prevent their entry effectively.

How Do We Help You Get Rid Of The Rodents?

To deliver absolute relief from the rodents, it is essential to inspect the place thoroughly and seal all the holes that are susceptible for the rodent entries and is what our team of professionals carries out in the first phase of the rodent control service. Other than, we observe the behavior of the rodents and accordingly outline an effective strategy and execute by means of the trap box and trouble gum technology to trap and kill rodents. On the completion of the treatment, our team thoroughly inspects the premise and ensures that no single rodent has left inside. This rodent control service does not use any poisonous chemicals and is compliant to all food safety standards.

Note : Customized rodent control service is available upon customer request.

We work at a time that is convenient for your, regardless of the day and night, avail our service today and enjoy the enormous benefits of the same.

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